Search Engine Marketing

As a Portland full service web design Firm, Web Development offers the latest in search engine marketing and optimization.

"93% of consumers worldwide use search engines to find and access websites." (Source: Forrester Research )

Search Engine Visibility Through Optimization

Search Engine Optimization helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine. As a web promotion company, our primary focus is on “search engines-friendly” web design and development with internet marketing, search engine optimization and strategic link popularity building to help you reach your marketing goals.

Keyword Research & Placement

The basis of all search engine optimization success is thorough keyword research. We will do extensive keyword research to establish the most appropriate keywords for your search engine marketing campaign. All of the content, titles, META tags, and image tags on all the pages of your Web site will be individually optimized.

Search Engine Submission

Our search engine marketing service includes the submission of your Web site to all free submission programs, which includes Google, AOL, Yahoo Search!, Netscape, Open Directory and more. We will also submit your Web site to any paid inclusion programs of your choice, such as Ask Jeeves and Yahoo Directory. The fees for these paid inclusion programs are not included.

Pay-Per-Click & Search Engine Marketing

We will also consult you on building a pay-per-click advertising campaign. As a part of our search engine marketing service we will re-submit any web pages that do not get indexed for some reason (this has never happened, but we will check and make sure that your Web site gets indexed in all the major search engines). After the initial optimization and submission, we will make any necessary adjustments to the titles, content, etc. to further improve rankings.