Meta Tags Are The Supporting Actors To First Rule of SEO

This blog entry assumes that you have done proper page titles and that the navigation is equally clear. Your URLs are clean and SEO-optimized, and rich with meaningful keywords. Also, you have added Global Redirects to minimize duplicate content, which search engines do not like. These subjects will come up in future blog entries.

The First Rule of Strong Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are designed to look for information that the searching public wants to know about. The Page Title is the first place the search engines look. Page titles are not the same as a heading. This blog entry, for instance, has a page title which is a re-write of the title so that the most important information is up front. Here is an example of two dentist office web sites with similar information.

GDL Media LLC launches GDL Media Website

After decades of experience marketing software, hardware and semiconductor equipment both internationally and domestically, Geary Lewis brings his experience to the small business enterpriser. GDL Media spent the past year bringing the elloUSA sites out of its technological demise into a bright and expansive horizon. Now, it is time to put that effort toward other like minded, and new up and coming businesses.

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