Understanding the why of something is conducive to facilitating the mastering of the how of it. The how of it is the system and skill of an application of a knowledge base. A knowledge base is an accumulation of information. The mastering of a skill is productivity through behavioral change of more effective applications of a knowledge base. (Read this over several times until you fully understand it.)

The Path To Competence:




To understand this in a way that makes for effective learning an attitude of both desire to and willingness for proactive learning is necessary. We live in an age of an information explosion of a magnitude that demands that business and hence the individuals that run them have a career of continuous personal development in order to prevent both theirs and the business obsolescence.

The Top 10 Most Important Business Questions

  1. What is your value proposition? 
    This is the single most important question of the bunch. If you can't explain--in three, jargon-free sentences or less--why customers need your product, you do not have a value proposition. Without a need, there is no incentive for customers to pay. And without sales, you have no business. Period.
  2. Does your product address a viable market? 

Modern Horace Greeley: "Go West Young Man" With Analytics

In bygone years, people tracked visitors on their web site using server logs. While this is still accepted practice, it's difficult and time consuming to access enormous log files to figure out what's going on with your site. Several years ago, companies started releasing tools to make that process easier. They called their products Analytics.

Business Blogging Requires Wearing Two Hats At Once

In an earlier blog post, we explained why blogging is a means to promote your business; and, even an essential element in today’s Internet smart consumer world.  Facebook, Twitter and other social media have become a significant part of the world community.  One only has to look to recent events in Egypt to see how the world depends on these mediums for distributing information.

In this post, we will share some important things to consider when putting together a blog for your business.

How to Get started with Business Blogging


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